Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks at YYE!!!

That’s right Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks yoyos will soon be available at YoYoExpert!!!

New Splashed Bear vs Man

For those of you who aren’t familiar with CLYW here’s a short story about us:

Caribou Lodge YoyoWorks is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It’s run by me Chris Mikulin and in assistance with Levi McCarroll for design work and Natasha Paterson for photography and graphic design work. Like most yoyoers out there I was into yoyos in the late 90s, then my yoyo broke and I neglected to replace it. It wasn’t until 2004 that I picked one up again and instantly became hooked after randomly stumbling across a video of Alex Berenguel on the internet. I became a sponge out to learn every trick I could as well as an avid collector on a quest to find the perfect yoyo.

Canadian Crest Limited Edition of the Wooly Marmot

CLYW started out as a just a fun hobby for me outside of my mechanical engineering office job. I had joined up with a local yoyoer (Paul Wallace who is no longer with the company) and we designed our first yoyo, we called it the Peak. It quickly became a favourite, because it had an amazing balance of both aesthetics and play. The Peak has been our most successful yoyo to date and is still a favourite among many yoyoers today. Our company started to grow so much this year, that I decided to leave my comfy engineering job and focus on CLYW fulltime.

Currently CLYW offers several different yoyos that suit many different styles of play. Mainly 1A, 3A and 5A. Our current lineup is: the Peak, Bear vs Man (Boyd Seth’s signature yoyo), Bassalope (Sebastian Brock’s signature yoyo), Wooly Marmot (Jensen Kimmitt’s signature yoyo) and the Campfire.

The Bassalope with original artwork by Justin Weber that inspired the name of this yoyo. This is the small bearing version, which will be available in three colours and comes stock with an iPad. The large bearing version is currently in production.

We have a very large team of very talented innovative players: Ryosuke Iwasawa (Japan), Jensen Kimmitt (Canada), Boyd Seth (USA), Sebastian Brock (USA), Alex Berenguel (USA), Adam Brewster (USA), Krisztian Kaluzsa (Hungary/UK), Hadrien Bennaceur (France), Elliot Jackson (USA), Charles Haycock (Canada) and Zack Gormley (USA). You can read each team member’s profile on our blog

Team CLYW at Worlds 2009

Jensen Kimmitt currently does most of the artwork for our packaging and laser engraving. He recently won 44Clash in Tokyo, Japan and we are so proud of his achievement, since he has been working so hard all year. His signature yoyo the Wooly Marmot was designed by Levi & Jensen and is a smaller/faster/lighter version of the Peak.

Box art for the Wooly Marmot

We pride ourselves in creating yoyos that are not only great players, but are also works of art. We put a lot of care and attention into the detail of our yoyos. Each edition has a special name that has a story behind it. Each box that we package our yoyos in are hand stamped. I really enjoy art and design and I hope that it reflects in the hard work that we do.

The Campfire, our lower cost metal pocket yoyo - Coming Soon

It’s very important for us to give back to the community by sponsoring contests and supporting the amazing talent that is out there, so if you are planning a contest be sure to get in contact with us.

I hope that you enjoy our yoyos as much as we do!! We’re really excited to be working with YoYoExpert, can’t wait for what’s to come!!


PS: Here’s a video of Sebastian Brock from US Nationals with his 3rd place freestyle, he was using one of the original 28 Stories Peaks.


Cool!! ;D

sweet this sites really growing! Cant wait to get my hands on one from here!

My next few yoyos will most likely be clyw’s =]

Awesome! Glad to have you guys here!

My life is complete.

Imma eat that Campfire when it comes.

Sweet! Can’t wait to have you guys here!

Who else remembers the old times?

When Chris first joined YYE, I remember asking him “Is CLYW ever gonna be here?” He replied something like “No, we don’t have any plans for YYE as of right now.”

How time flies :slight_smile:

thats gonna be cool i might get a peak

any exact date Chris?

I am so happy YYE now sells CLYWs.

Actually, they still don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

What? Chris said that they’re coming soon. Why do you think they still don’t?

Happy Throwing! =]

at the moment they dont, they WILL but dont right now, samad was making a funny :wink:

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It went right over your head. You’re taking it too literal.

Oh shoot, I should pay more attention…

Happy Throwng! =]

It’s all up to YYE when they’ll be going up. My guess is within a week.


We will be making an official announcement regarding release time of these yo-yos soon.


Shipping these to YYE tomorrow!!!