hello ive been hearing stuff about CLYW but i cant find anything about that on google etc. please give me a link so i could check it out. Thanks a lot.


It stands for Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works.

Their website can be seen here…

I’ve never thrown one, but they are very popular here.


Yes. They are wonderful yoyos, and so smooth. I will be saving up for a BvM soon. You may also think about getting a Peak as well.


but they are all sold out… where could i get one?

and thanks again guys you rock


You can get one off the B/S/T on YYN.


whats B/S/T?


Buy/Sell/Trade department of YYN. This is where you can make an agreement with someone about trading yoyos and stuff.

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I want a bassalope if they’re good…


im getting a basselope, they are sweet