Caribou Lodge - Bear vs Man Official Release

The Bear vs Man Official release will be made tomorrow night here at YoYoExpert 8:00 PM EST:

These are extremely limited - the countdown begins!

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Idk if I can wait a whole day for these.

Guess I’ll just buy a Stargazer instead

(unless andre wants to let me order one early =])

Not that I’m not utterly ecstatic for this, (which I am) but whatever happened to the blue Bassalopes?

Did they already sellout or what? ???

Anyway, those look awesome. :smiley:

Cool. It’s awesome to have some CLYW at YYE!

Dont think their here yet… But I heard were only getting four!

I can’t wait!!!

I will probably get a campfire though…

Thats what Im waiting for… Whats the guesstimated price?

Dont think their here yet… But I heard were only getting four!
I know, Ive heard that myth… Better call the MythBusters! I was just watching it!

The Very Vibrant Yellow and Black is going to be mine… oh yes it will be mine! Muwhahahahahaha!

I’m afraid i’m going to have to pass on this one… :-\ Waiting for other CLYW to come out

~g0rrilla YO

So what are the specs on this yoyo? isn’t it undersized? I loooooove my boss, I am thinkng I might really want one of these.

If you like the boss then you should love this.

im married to my boss!!! i guess im going to have to get a divorce for this yo lol ;D

Not really sure I agree with you on that. The boss and the BvM are nothing a like. The BvM is a faaast spinner. At least it feels like it. It’s also a bit more narrow than other throws. It is definitely not my favorite throw from CLYW, but it is very nice and I enjoy it.

I thought it was only 4 bassalopes

Oh man those look awesome and great bear graphics YOYOEXPERT! Chris gave Rebecca and I a B vs M in his hometown of Edmonton and we both love them. Great smooth player fits so nice in the hand.

I went to the home-page and clicked the BvM, when the page is open, I saw a countdown. Its counting down from 00:00:07 to 00:00:00. I think I’m the first person who went to that page in less than 10 seconds! ;D

Anyway, its awesome to have CLYW yoyos here :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

Cha Ching! SCORE! i got a Yellow/Black one cant wait for the arrival! This will be my first BvM im really looking forward to it.

And they are Gone! Wow that was quick.

Blue on Orange IMO is one of the best colorways yet.

Man, those went FAST!