CLYW is to be sold HERE! The jig is up!

Specifically, BvM’s are being shipped here shortly. Source is below.

In the comments section of that post from Chris of CLYW…

“Chris Says:
October 1st, 2009 at 10:27 am
Seth, so far we have Bird in Hand (at Nationals) and YoYoExpert (shipping them out shortly).”

Exciting news for both CLYW and YoYoExpert! Glad to see both companies expanding their business.

Thanks André/YYE Staff :wink: (Who we still don’t know yet ::))

OMG I want blue/purple that thing is so gorgeous.


I WANT CAMPFIRE. Hopefully those will be sold here.

Thanks a lot André!

Awesome! Glad to see we’re expanding.

Just a little update in that regard, it looks like they are on schedule:

Thanks Andre makes me all soft inside :’(

If this goes well, it sounds like it’s time to start talking to Ernie, Frank, and Doug of their respective companies. crosses fingers

Awesome. Thanks Andre.

I’m buying a blue and purple BvM. Also, what I love abt yye is that everything is always in stock! YAY!

So awesome!

I’ve been trying to talk to Ernie already :stuck_out_tongue:


yoyos with a string

oh yeah.

YAY…hopefully they put out the campfire and marmonts and BvM and Pearks here on YYE

Thanx, your awesome André ;D



Happiness at its finest!

Reall cool that YoYoExpert just keep on expanding. I’m not looking forward to buying any CLYW, but I guess other brands will show up (Werrd/General would be cool ;))