Card Trick?

I’m just sayin’…


What exactly is it that you’re “just sayin’”???


I am wondering that too.

I fail to recognize as well.

My best guess is he likes to have card with cupcakes on them ???

Looks like some birthday freebee thing from One Drop that he found a way to exploit maybe?

I am also quite confused about this thread…but also quite interested, LOL.

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It is the birthday of One Drop’s V4M bearing lube. Db helped One Drop in finding that just right blend for their product.

But why the cough vague title cough ???

Judging by the looks of those cards, they are V4M giveaway vouchers that we may have some way of obtaining. :-\

This title is only slightly vague.

Who cares–it’s DB, he’s a legend! :smiley:

Happy anniversary to OD!

Can anyone guess what tomorrow is?


FRIDAY!!! Lol. One drops 4th bday! Idk…

Tomorrow is Saturday, buddy…


Well, their bday is January 1st 2001 according to Facebook…,


It was already solved 4 days ago ???

Could someone explain to me who this dirty birdy is?

essentially a human clyw snipe.