Car Guys!


Me and some buddys started a new car forum! Its still very new, but is picking up. Come and check it out! Our goal is to be drama free, and if you’ve been on car forums you can understand this. Anyways, here is the Link!


I like things that go vroom-vroom.


Then Join Up! :wink:


i like fast vroom-vroomers. do you have them on your forum?


Of Course! lol


Also, it doesnt matter if you have a car or not. Doesn’t matter if you’re still learning about cars. Just join up! We’ll help you out :slight_smile:


I’m a huge car guy. But I fall on the side of being informative rather than being passionate about certain cars. Given, I have my favorite brands, favorite models, and have about forty issues of MotorTrend so I know a lot about a lot.

I love cars.


Its the perfect forum for you :wink:

i Personally favor in mazda and Chevrolet. But have a passion for all things with wheels


Im not really a car guy, but I like to be informed, so I joined. I like volvo<3


We have guy that knows everything about a Volvo lol You’ll fit in just fine :slight_smile:


Truck guys welcome?


Of course! Thats what I have, a 1970 c10 :slight_smile: We have a few toyota’s and a Datsun trucks on the forum as well