Captain America Chief


I saw someone had a “Captain America” Chief. Was this released by CLYW or was it customized aftermarket? Just curious 'cause it looks pretty sweet.




Jason Wonged


Jason Wonged. adj.
A term used when words such as “epic” or “otherworldly” do not justify the skill and ability put into a yoyo’s artistic design. Such work may only be done by Jason Wong.

Lesser Synonyms: suped-up, “tricked out”

But yeah it was customized. :wink:


I spoke to Jason a year or so ago (maybe longer?) about doing that design on a yoyo. We couldn’t figure out what yoyo to do it on as it involves circular lines on the yoyo. After he did the few Chiefs in that color scheme though he was kind enough to do it one more time for me on a SkyWalker. I told him it didn’t need perfect symmetry, a kind of folk art feel would be cool. Here are the results. (beautiful in my opinion)


Thank you for sharing LJ!

… and as always, thanks for the kind words everyone. Captain America was LJ’s idea, but it wasn’t until the Chief came along that I could execute it perfectly. The inner ring on the Chief allows for a crisp mask. I made five Chiefs and one Skywalker. I promised the buyers I would only make six Captain America Chiefs. The sixth Chief hasn’t been made and when/if I ever do it, it’ll just be a personal one for myself.

Of all the anodizes I’ve done, I think these might be my favorites. They were certainly the most difficult. Solid, clean, bold colors are actually the most difficult anodizes to execute properly, especially with complex stencils. Splashes and acid washes are actually easier because the variations in the colors mask any ano flaws you may have.

For those interested, here are the photos I took of the Captain America Chiefs a year ago. I’ve always wanted to finish an Avengers set… perhaps someday. :slight_smile:

(NotATyrant) #7

If I can find one and keep it, I will be the happiest girl on Earth!


Me too, Captain America is my favorite superhero ever!!!


I want one so bad also! Oh, so jealous.

I’d trade top dollar for one.


When Captain America throws his mighty chief
all who oppose the chief must retreat

(sing to the tune of the captain america song)