Custom PC's/Ano's/Paints


A while back there was a nice thread started by LinksLegionaire about showing custom PC’d throws. I love having my throws recolored and so I thought I’d extend this to showing off generally recolored throws. Some of my custom throws can be found in the VsNYYC thread, but here are a few more:

Included are:
MB PC’d Clash 2011,
MB PC’d Sleipnir,
MB anoPC’d Serum,
Jason Wong ano’d Maxbet,
England1414 ano’d Z-ON,
England 1414 Ano’d Septopus,
MB PC’d Skywalker.


Great Idea for a thread. I love to see the different colorways floating around.
Here are my “Customs”

Jason Wong Ano’d SPYY Pro
1 of 2 Aman Ano’d Majesty
Jason Wong Ano’d Torrent 2
Mullicabob Powdered KLR
1 of 1 Aman Green Test Ano for Vinyasa Flow Majesty


Dang !!

slowyojoe, that is the most incredible looking Septopus I have seen to date !! Nicely Done !..
Loving the Maxbet as well.

NavyThrow, I love that Majesty !! and would love to see more of your KLR. They are beautiful !!

I have about a half dozen custom ano’s that I’ll post here shortly.

It’s nice to see so much excellent custom work being done, makes me feel the need to have a few more done myself now that I’ve been so inspired by such nice looking work !! I’ve been so spoiled by the work of Jason & Spotted Banana, and now that they have hung up their anodizer’s, I’m going to have to decide who the “Go-To” guys are.

(Waylon) #4

Jason Wong Skittles Crucial Confection. Believe it, or not, I won this in a raffle at Mideast Regionals this past Saturday.


Those gradient splash effects are just fantastic. I always knew skittles were good. (On a little side note of shame I nearly wrote ‘new’. All you (ex-)teachers out there would have had a field day.)


Here is a pic of one of the pieces Jason did for me. I have a couple others that I’ll try to get a pic of and post later.

One of the original ten Essences made by General Yo and gifted to me by Ernie. Anodized by Jason just made it even more special.


Here is a Peak I painted a while back. nicknamed " 'Sconi Winter Peak "

Here is my 54 that Mullicabob PC’d for me in Glow in the Dark (aqua) High gloss white.


Im sad that I dont have a lot of my old custom yoyos. Traded them all away (2 Wonged out Moonwalkers, Vendetta Peak, 2 spotted banana skywalkers) but I have kept this gem and will probably never let it go. It was my first high end yoyo. The 1 of 1 perfume cloud Skywalker anodized by Vendetta. The lighting doesn’t do justice for how amazing this looks in the sun. Might have to double post it once I can take a photo in the sun.


Good idea Slowyojoe love your stuff as well. this page already has some of my favorite forum members in it so lets keep the beautiful custom work flowing :slight_smile:


Jason Wong did this for me a while back, it has long since been traded, and I have actually been looking for it again, it was called “Shark Attak”. and it was a first run Genesis, ironic that OD released the “Shark AttaCk” 54’s, lol.

Here’s a 1st run Chief that I used to have, it was blasted, and then anodized by Jason’s wife SpottedBanana. (Not originally done for me, but I owned it for a bit.)

And here is the Deadly Spins Wrath that I won in their “Design a Colorway Contest and we’ll anodize and give you one free if you win”. :slight_smile: It is called SnoBlind

Wish I had both of these still in my possession, sigh. addicted to trading and selling, lol.


I’m really curious how a PC’d throw feels, and how it grinds. Sadly I don’t have any custom colored throws yet, the closest would be a john higby painted journey


Still a nice essence. I still have the canvas opposite to it

Some painted yoyos

Powdercoated Messiah

Odd ano 54

And of course, the big one. The first run. Not by Levi, but a first run, and beautiful none the less.


That Peak is beauuuuutiful. And JWil’s skywalker is unbelievable. I knew JWil had a skywalker that was a serious beauty, but words seriously cannot describe how awesome that thing is. All these pics are amazing, please keep ‘em comin’.


Aww feeling the love here. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:


You deserve it dude. You have blessed the yoyo community with some of the best ano’s to date. If you ever feel like doing a Peak anyway you want just let me know lol.


This is the part of my collection that has been loved on by either Jason, Spotted Banana, or Vendetta. Certainly there is some very serious talent in this industry when it comes to taking the science involved in the anodizing process, and creating art with it.

Touche to you all.


I knew Stickman had a awesome collection but DANG! :slight_smile: Those are awesome.


mmmmm dat Sovereign.