Canvas spin time?

From all I’ve heard about the canvas’s play, it seems like it was built for me. All except for the supposed shabby spin times. If I popped in a ten ball would it then compare to my summit?

Spin times really do not make a difference depending on your skill level.

well I’m pretty amateur I guess cuz my most difficult trick is probably kwijibo or magic drop. I can. Also do spirit bomb.

Canvas spins fine! I have three of them and I actually have a 10 ball in each one. Canvas with a 10 ball were made for each other. That’s what I think!

I find people inquiring about spin times are not looking at the bigger picture.

Long spin times are usually a factor of a good, strong, straight throw. Looking for a “magic solution” to address this problem isn’t productive most of the time. Assuming it’s a modern yoyo that isn’t a junker and the bearing is in good condition, spin times of well over 5 minutes are not really all that unusual with most quality yoyos.

Now, having said that, addressing the spin time on the Canvas: I can throw an over 5 minute sleeper with a Canvas using the stock bearing. However, this does NOT equate to 5 minutes or more of usable play time, at least it doesn’t for me. I correctly contribute this diminished “play time vs. sleeper time” due to my skills, or lack there-of.

Based on what tricks you say you can do(I can’t do spirit bomb yet but I can bang out kwijibo 10 times in a row on a throw), the odds are greatly in favor of you having sufficient spin time on any string trick yoyo of your choosing, provided the bearing is clean and in good shape. A few yoyos might shipped with greased bearings. So, if you’re considering the Canvas, the final run is on the market, so this would be the time to pick one up. I think a Chief or AC or even a BvMr2 would be better choices, but that’s just me and my preferences.

The Canvas is a good yoyo. If you think it was made for you, buy one. I hope you won’t be let down. You won’t have any issues with spin times.