Improving spin times

I’ve been using my Velocity for about a month now and was wondering how I can get a better spin time out of it. On a good day with a strong throw I can get it up to around 25-30 seconds. Throwing with a clean unshielded bearing got me another 5 seconds of spin time but the noise was just too much so I thin lubed it and reshielded it Leaving em with an average 25 second spin time. My throws are straight with the string not touching the sides and I don’t think I can possibly throw it any harder than I already am. I play mostly responsive play but was wondering what I could be doing wrong. I’ve seen others with responsives get significantly longer spin times than me. What am I doing wrong?

This is the hands, not the yoyo. A hard straight throw gives you longer spin times.

It’s a practice thing.

well 1) responsive generally doesn’t sleep as well. the velocity has a pretty thin gap so it also doesn’t sleep as well. most people using responsive yoyos either lubed the bearing more or have an adjustable gap (like velocity). usually the shape also makes it sleep longer.

u should practice, and or get a new yoyo. it might be good to learn unresponsive as well.

I’ve been considdering a DM for awhile but wondered if it would actually help me or not. If my throw is wrong then I’m out of ideas as I can’t throw any harder and my throw is straight, if I’m snapping my wrist incorrectly then is there a way to learn to do it properly?

There is no special technique you really have to practice; no special way to throw it. As you play more your throw will get better. Don’t worry about it. Don’t think about it too much. Just have fun.

I’m just trying to get my spin speed longer so I can actually do some of my tricks properly. I love doing Mach 5 but by the time I get half a spin it dies. The only way to do it is to do it so fast that people can’t even tell what trick I’m doing and it just looks like a mess. I want to perfect all of the intermediate tricks before learning some new adv tricks but with my spin time so slow I’m finding it a bit hard to do.

my dv888 is not coming back up to my hand help ???

Try buying some YYJ thick lube for it. That should make it more responsive. (If you haven’t done so already).

Well, responsiveness is not necessarily related to sleep time, it’s mainly, as the people above said, experience, skill. And it improves faster then you think…I used to have the same problem, my Mach 5 died quickly and I only had about 30-45 seconds sleep. I’m only playing for a few weeks and by now it’s already around 1-2 minutes, and furthermore, when you practice the specific tricks you can do them better and longer as well. For example, I had your problem with the Mach 5, and I realized that I was pulling my fingers hard from one another as I did it, stretching the string hard and killing the yoyo, when simply holding them at the right distance without applying any force would give the same result and much more time…

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