Can't unscrew my YYJ Fever.

I recently got a new YYJ Fever but I can’t unscrew it. It just keeps twisting and twisting. I think the axle is stripped but I can’t get it apart to put in a new one. I contacted YYJ and they said I need a receipt to return it. I no longer have the receipt.

How can I get it apart without breaking it?

PM Landon Balk. He’ll know.

The solid spin axle is giving out. Remove the caps and check if one of the inserts doesn’t spin with the yoyo half, if so, then put a dab of krazy glue in the crack between the plastic and the insert.

Yoyojam might still be able to help you out.

Reply to them and mention that you don’t have the original receipt and ask if there is any other way they could help you out. They might still be able to do something and it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Otherwise, try the superglue method if the axle is indeed giving out and hopefully that will keep it playing for a while.

Good luck.


Did you buy it from an online store? If so, do you still have an order confirmation email or even a record of the purchase in your order history on the website. Either of those should hopefully be good enough for YYJ.

Ive had my dm2 for just a few months and one side stripped a few threads the other day. And I dont over tighten. So I dunno what can really be done.

If you ordered online, you should have a receipt in the form of an email.
Hope it all goes well!