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Please help me, I was doing one of my combo and it was like unscrewing so I was screwing it and it wouldn’t screw, now the axle is pushed in. Any help? I tried long nose pliers but then metal or anno start scraping and comeing off in shreds, please help!

It sounds like the yoyo is striped. I would contact YYJ or YYE depending on how old it is.

I got it in like the beginning of april

Ok so wat u do is I think the Axel may have a hexagon key hole in the middle of it so what u do is look for one that size and unscrew it

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I would contact YYJ then.

Describe this part in more detail.

The axle is completely pushed in where it sits at, its pushed in and wont come out either sides

Unscrew the axle from the side it is on with the hex key. Then just partially screw it into one of the halves. After that, just screw the two halves together.


Good choice!