can't throw this one

Long time no talk guys- been busyyyy. Hey I will definitely delete this once I get an answer because: I cannot throw my strummol 8 Guilia. I Can throw tops…my YYF acrobat and Duncan BK easily. I can do a bunch of tricks but I literally cannot throw my Strum8 and the thing is so beastly I really want to so im hoping its the string length. How long should the string length be and is there any tricks to throwing delrin? Thanks!

The surface on the delrin tops is very slippery. You have to wind it very tightly and evenly. You also have to be sure that the string leading to where you hold the button stays lower than the last wrap. If the string is pulling up towards the wraps when you throw it, it tries to push the whole winding off the skinny end of the top.
The string length should be around the same as you use for your BearingKing, you can experiment with that if the top is coming back at the wrong angle, but usually people have trouble because it is slipping under the string as it unwinds.

Actually, I find you need to alter your throw a little bit, or use a different string length. Throwing a guilia is different than the acrobat or BK. I’ve used all 3. It’s a different throw, but once you figure it out, it will stick.

If you decide you don’t like it, hit me up haha, I’ve been looking for one of my own for cheaper

Dude i was going to send you a string ages ago and never got around to it!

I think I still have your address.

Long fat string makes the Giuilia easier to throw