Can't stop, won't stop...yoyo addiction therapy

(ClockMonsterLA) #1

So I’m not yet five weeks into this hobby and my collection is already kinda out of hand. But I can’t seem to help myself.It has become an addiction that I’m sure everyone can relate to. Here is a photo of half of my collection; the high-end half:

As I’m sure is apparent, I prefer solid color finishes. The Edge has a splatter pattern on it, but only because solids weren’t available at the time. A gold G2 Banshee, if such a thing existed, would fit in very nicely (probably displacing the POM Draupnir in the case).

(Ian sims) #2

five weeks into the hobby and already spending 100s of dollars on yoyos? your a legend ,most i spent few weeks into it was a 100 dollars thats including strings etc lol

(ClockMonsterLA) #3

It’s like this with just about any hobby I get into (don’t even ask about my electric guitar collection…). I have more money than sense.

(Ken) #4

Woah, I’ve been yoyoing for 4 years and I only have 6 usable yoyos in my collection. I don’t think it’s wise to purchase a titanium throw this early on.


I don’t disagree, but @zslane clearly has a different level of disposable income from the rest of us. haha


Lowkey mad that you have a Draupnir but I currently don’t :grimacing:

Ti is cool too. Next up you should drop $600 on the bitanium hummingbird :joy:

(ClockMonsterLA) #7

To be honest I’m loathe to spend the kind of money I did on the Draupnir and the TiRROX again. The Draupnir was one of those one-time-only things because it is such a legendary classic. And the TiRROX was on sale at a substantial discount, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered.


For my college graduation I would like to get myself a Rolex. If I’m unable to I’m definitely dropping a few hundred on a Luftverk, that company is the definition of premium collectors yoyos. The marketing, designs, packaging…

If possible I’d like to hunt down a MIB Fulvia BTM-R or Tundra.

(Ian sims) #9

lol ill tell u whats expensive AQUARIUM FISH one fish like 12 dollars lol


Dang bro a Rolex is a big deal. Big difference between that and even the most expensive yoyo you could dream up.
Edit- not trying to deter you, I’m a watch guy myself.


I’ve always been a watch guy, have been wearing them since elementary school, I have a few Seikos, Orients, etc. but I think it’d be super cool and sentimental to be able to get a Rolex for my graduation so hopefully I can scrap enough to get it haha. Hopefully I can get a Rolex AND a luftverk tho :joy:

(InvaderDust) #12

i cant stop thinking about that thing man… like, its invaded my dreams.


Oh darn you should have told me you didn’t like splashes, because I sent you one — didn’t even make the cut for the case :cry:

I had a bunch of solids I could have sent instead.

(ClockMonsterLA) #14

Hey, no problem. I don’t think at the time I even realized I had a preference for solid colors.

(Tyler) #15

Dang! And here I thought I had gone overboard in my first 3-4 months so far, but you definitely have me beat lol.

(ClockMonsterLA) #16

You have the same Replay Pro that I do! I am totally in love with its combination of brilliant translucent blue color and matte finish. It’s my go-to unresponsive plastic yoyo.

(ClockMonsterLA) #17

So can anyone tell me the difference between the solid aqua Shutter and the matte aqua Shutter? Is the former just the normal ano, while the latter is bead blasted?



I need at least 10 characters for a response, dumbbbbb :joy:

(Tyler) #19

I actually have another Replay in the galaxy marble, but I typically keep that one at work. Definitely my go to plastic as well.


As the joker once said

“Where does he get those wonderful toys?”

Or something like that. Jack Nicholson joker. I’m old (43)

Question for you? How did you do the labels in the foam. LOVE THAT. Want to do that. Newbie. Also going on 5 weeks. Collection is small but beloved.