Can't stop, won't stop...yoyo addiction therapy

(ClockMonsterLA) #21

The labels are just a text layer on top of the photo in Photoshop, set to around 70% opacity.


Oh LOL. Well the effect was quite cool still. I’m going to try and figure out a cool way to get that on the foam without looking like toddler crafting with a glue stick.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #23

NIce collection there. Here i am been yoyoing since april 2018 with 3 yoyos (or atleast proper ones) and only 2 are usable. The other one has no bearing lol

(André Boulay) #24

The Solid Aqua had more of a ‘shiny’ finish too it - the ‘matte’ aqua was more matte… For awhile YoYoFactory was actually making some really extremely ‘matte’ finishes that were almost ‘chalky’ - really nice looking but I think they had some issues and have kind of went for a finish that is almost in between the two… Not too shiny - but not too matte… Just right. It does get confusing though sometimes as we can see visual differences but without having them next to each other sometimes its hard to explain where they draw the line on matte versus normal. :wink:


So half, since the photo showed 12, would make your collection 24 yo-yos in total.

What’s the figure at now, I wonder, 6 months later? :thinking:

(r/Throwers Mod.) #26

I see a Rockstar. Nice, that’s a fine, fine yoyo.


Very nice. I’m a bit jelly because I’ve been yoyo’ing for 5 years and you already have a better collection. That’s my own fault though. Every time I want a new yoyo, which is pretty much always, I talk myself out of it, and still manage to blow it on something besides bills.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #28

AND now i have more than 10.