Can't get spirit bomb, can anybody help

I can get the wrist mount I just can’t get the first pop =1, so can any one help with that it would very much appreciated =]

It helps me learn tricks better from a first person perspective. Check this place out:

Just pick “spirit bomb” in the expert section and select “view 2” for a first person. And, since it’s “quick time” you can slow down the video as much as you need to. Hope this helped.

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If you need help on what to do, this helps a lot.

This guy is a lefty, so you can just mirror what he does (unless you’re a lefty too).

If you need help on landing it, it helped me to make the path of the yoyo not just up and down, but like an upside down V. Land it a bit to the right (left for lefties) of where the yoyo was in the wrist mount. This helped me a lot, but not sure if it will for others. Hope you understand  8) and good luck  :wink: