Can't get a smooth throw with my punchline!?!?

(Johnny rocks!!!) #1

Well, i can’t get a smooth throw with my punchline. I have a system where when the yoyo is in a sleeper, to just lightly touch it, and that shows you how smooth that yoyo can possibly be.
Well when i do the finger touch thingy it is perfectly smooth; But no matter how hard i try, i can’t get a smooth throw with out touching it. Is there something wrong with my yoyo, or is it just me.

(M²) #2

well, when i had this problem with my hatrick it turned out to be the pads. If you have an old response in there, that might be it.


Yeah, the pads may be popping out. replace them or silicone them back in firmly.

(DOGS) #4

It’s most likely just your throw. Keep practicing a consistent throw and it’ll be fine

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Its your throw.
Certain yoyos can be unforgiving on a bad throw (Punchline, dv8, skywalker etc.)
And they will vibe if your throw isn’t perfect.
But these yoyos are good to use, it shows you that your throw needs a bit of work and it makes you try harder to get more precise throws.

Just keep practicing and you should find that your punchline will soon be spinning smoothly.


(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #6

I had this problem when i got my punchline. I was confused by it because i could get a perfectly smooth throw with my 888 almost every time.
I just kept using it and got used to throwing that yoyo and it got better. :slight_smile: