Can't Decide:(


So i was looking threw yye and I realized there are so many yoyos i want :D. No, but seriously i really want a new metal and i was looking through stuff and am focused on either the dropbear, new 7075 super g, nessie, or the c3 yeahx3. I already have a clear ano super g and i love it so i wanted to try the 7075 version but I don’t know if i should just get a nessie, drop bear or the yeah x3. I’m looking for more of a smooth flowy type of yoyo. So yaa. What do you guys think?


All good choices… but if I had to pick one of thosev- I’d grab the Nessie… super smooth player, great for grinds… just a solid throw all around


All the C3 yoyos I’ve tried arn’t exactly floaty. They’re more on the smooth and stable side

not a fan of G2 stuff but that’s just my preference

As for the 7075 I think it’ll play less floaty than the normal just because the metal is more dense and would have a different distribution of weight


All are good choices. Of those you mentioned, I only have the Nessie. The Yeah X3 is interesting to me, and once they have difference on the Drop Bear I might consider it. I’m personally not interested in the Super G.

Stay within budget.