Can't Decide

I cant decide what yoyo to buy 2moro i can either get

YYF Offstring or
YYF Speed Dial

Ive not had a metal yoyo yet but my mate got a speed dial today n it seemed good but I’m also intrested in trying offstring. What do you guys think I should get and before anyone says it i cant get both (G/F limitations apparently we have bills to pay)

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As for the yoyos, do you want a new 1A throw, asuming youhave one already, or do you want to try a different style?

I would go with the Speed Dial, if I were you, because you said you have a good impression of it. In addition to this, I have heard mixed reviews of the YYF Offstring. Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

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and yes I have a 1A my beloved PGM 2 but ive never had a metal before (never really seen the point) but I also want to try a new style. I think im gonna be stuck on the decision untill I’m in the shop with them in front of me and being moaned at to leave the shop lol

Just a question. Where are you purchasing them from?

well keep this in mind: you can use a 1A yoyo offstring

There is a store near where I live it takes me less than 5 mins to walk there called The entertainer they stock Duncan, Yomega and a small selection of YYF they also sell FAST strings although they aren’t what I prefer there always available.

And so you all know I bought the Offstring but in order to get me out of the shop my G/F promised me the Speed Dial next week lmao