Advice On YYF Speed Dial

Hey folks,

I recently bought myself a YYF Veolcity and i am completely in love with it. It has taught me how to bind, throw a strong sleeper, trapeze, split the atom and so much more. But now i find myself looking forward towards a more expensive yoyo.

I have been searching around and i read a few reviews for the Speed Dial. From what i hear its a pretty good yoyo. It seems like just an upgrade of the Velocity which is very much what id like to have. It would be my first metal yoyo too.

So my question to you guys is, is this yoyo owrth getting? Or is my £30 better spent elsewhere?

Id be happy to hear opinions from thsoe who own a Speed Dial and recommendations from those who have a better yoyo in mind.

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

well for 40 bucks i can think of several other yoyos to get i just dont like the whole starburst and dial thing…

raptor = $40
proto/northstar = $40
dv888 = $45
dark magic 2 = $40

Alright thanks for that list. Ive played my mates Northstar before and i like what theyve got going on there. Briefly used a Dark Magic 2 aswell but never a Raptor or DV888. I’ll check them out :slight_smile:

If U Want A Metal More Rounder Get Raptor If Like A Lil V Shape Get DV888 :wink:

Yeah ive been checking out the DV888 and i think ive moved my crosshairs over to that :slight_smile:

Just have to save up now and hope the it doesnt go out of stock on

This is what sucks about living in the UK, theres basically only 1 source of yoyos and if theyre out of stock youre done for :frowning:

If you like the Dv888 go for it, but of what I know from “Acavando” and “Preinfalk”, Raptor seems to be more preferable. But I would advise you Dv888 is so good like should’ve been called great. hahaha. :smiley:

deciding what you want to buy between DV888 and raptor is easy, do you like undersized yoyo or not? If undersized get DV888 if not the raptor is good for you

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I love my Velocity too, and, just like you, I was looking for basically an upgrade of it. I got a Speed Dial, and I pretty much hated it from the moment I picked it up. It feels so terribly light and hollow, almost cheap in a way. Sometime later I just decided to buy another Velocity (I originally had version 1, so I got a version 3). I haven’t touched my Speed Dial for weeks.

So yes, I’d agree with the people who already commented about getting a Dv888 or Raptor… or SOMETHING in general that’s not the Speed Dial.

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Thanks for all your help guys. I think bareing all that in mind i will deviate away from the Speed Dial.

Ive been doing some research on the DV888’s size and it does seem kinda small for what it is. For those of you thats own one, would you say its size is a hinderance to how it plays? Or perhaps the opposite?

Cheers :slight_smile:

I own one, and its actually pretty nice in the hand. if you are doing tricks like spirit bomb and other tricks that require a small yoyo to get thru a string gap, you need an undersized. I cannot say anything about the others as i have not tryed em. I LOVE undersized.

Alright thats cool then. I’ll be waiting maybe a week or so until i get paid before i can get this baby. And praying it doesnt go out of stock :slight_smile:

But yeah i think ill grab myself a DV888 and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Well my DV888 came today and holy hell its awesome. Thanks alot you guys for recommending it to me this is clearly a good buy. I dont think ill be needing to buy me anymore yoyos any time soon now :slight_smile:

Got me a couple Loop 900’s for 2A and this wonderful yoy for 1A :slight_smile:

I love my speed dial, however since you already have a velocity o would recommend you try something else, like a yyf lunatic, or a grind machine, or a yyj new breed…