Canesgonewild101 scammer

Just got my PayPal settlement.
Sent him $10 for a protostar and no longer communicated.

goes by the name canesgonewild101, last I dealt with him.

Flicker I have seen both canesgonewild101 and (correct me if I am wrong) jamesthrow101.

He can also be found on YouTube by these names.

He uses a white with grey and red patterned bed sheet to photograph his throws.

PayPal is jimmyganno@*****.com

To conclude I am even and warning those for the future.

A prime example of why we need the 30 day/30 post rule for the BST. Quite a few of the recent complaints I’ve seen have involved people who join just to trade and scam someone within a few days. Kids, you need to show a little restraint in dealing w/new guys here. Make them prove themselves or ship first or whatever…

Funny story, he sold me the same protostar a few months ago and never delivered.

I found him on Facebook. I was going to contact his parents but they aren’t in his friends list. I have a feeling this kid is largely unsupervised and enabled.

YES! We need the 30/30 rule so badly. It would save ALOT of people from getting scammed. Why hasn’t it been implemented already?

Just don’t send as a friends and family. I almost knew it was bad news that’s why I handled it as such. I feel mildly accomplished that it is out in the open so he does not do this to anyone else. If I felt safe I would have gone a different route as those who have dealt with me know. I saw the good deal and jumped but took precautions. Responsibility is on both parties much like operating a motor vehicle. Do be safe research and use the tools in place by Paypal rather than$100 as a gift send $104 and don’t lose $100. I think it should be common place business unless they check out.

Lol who the hell scams for $10? Now he has enough to go buy himself a couple of candybars…

Ten bucks…that’s ridiculous…a kid could get that much in about a month just by looking under sofa cushions… Well…depending on how careless their parents are lol. Point is…it’s sad that a kid would scam for just 10 bucks… Maybe he just does it for sport. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now $100 or more, that’s a scam a guy can respect right there.

He got nothing and now Paypal has less faith in him.

Meh 20 bucks big deal note if I ever do a BST I know I won’t scam because that’s wrong!


A scammer will never gain my respect. I’ve been scammed 4 times on this forum. In my eyes, there’s no reason to scam people with yoyos in mind. If somebody does, they are blacklisted to me, and even if they fix their “scam”, I will never deal with them.

I’m sure it’s common knowledge by now that most of us have been scammed at some point; anyway we learn from our mistakes and provide a safer environment for those who haven’t had to deal with it yet.

Besides, it’s simply pathetic. Immediate blacklisting plus lost respect. Behavior unpunished here will lead to that same behavior where the consequence is jail time, and I believe that to be the case if this person that scammed you Coffelt is that petty to scam you out of 10 dollars. They will gradually look for bigger “winnings.”

I got my money back and someone else didn’t get taken so I take it as a win. Plus I can watch his YouTube videos and it will cheer me up knowing that he borrowed $10 and Paypal just gave it back. It is people who scam that make good traders look even better when a deal goes smooth and both parties are smiling.

He is back now posting as Miamiboy901…

Still trying to trade/sell the grey protostar I paid for once and filed claim with paypal.

I almost traded w/ him!!! It seemed fishy when he asked for my gift card number to check that it had money on it!

I said that he might scam me, and he assured me that he was honest.

I would beware.

Thanks for the warning. We’re on it.

Miamiboy901 has now been banned.

Can’t you ban the IP address from ever posting again?