Problem I've noticed in the BST section.

I know this is the General section, but I’m gonna post this in the place where most people go. Mods, feel free to do as you wish to this.

I’ve noticed that there has been a giant increase in those “Warning: Possible scammer threads”… While some of these scammers have been found, leave it to the mods. It does NOT mean that just because there is somebody new that they are a scammer. I’ve seen in the BST section that people will post things like “this guy seems fishy”, when all they are doing is just looking to buy a yoyo. Everyone is new sometime. Don’t call out people just because YOU THINK somebody could be a scammer. Don’t post anything unless you have evidence. They need time to get feedback. If they have their name as a yoyo that they are looking for, so what? Maybe they tried one and really liked it. Think before you post a message on the BST section. Don’t call out people without evidence. Those who do it know who they are, and they should stop. Let the mods handle it, otherwise you’ll like just end up discouraging people from using the forum. Here’s a quote I pulled from the chat.

[********] 5:40 pm: Nevermind you all have talked me out of buying on here im just gonna order it
brand new

Just my two cents…


I’m terribly sorry to say that these witch hunts must come to an end.

Yes. I agree.

Also, yes. These witch hunts must come to an end.

Scamming has been a problem…on another “forum”…and I do agree people here do seem to be jumping the gun a little…but I’m sure the word is out that people have been getting ripped-off …so everyone is bit jumpy…. The crowd here at YYE looks to be younger…so, your dealing with a lot of kids…all hop-up on hormones and paranoid …and they don’t know how to deal with people…you ever try an order a hamburger from one… there is a lot of indecision on their part…they can’t even figure out if they like boys or girls …. Don’t expect them to know how to do business over the inter-web…
I have stuff in the BST….and I can’t tell you the amount of hemming and hawing I’ve seen……pending…nope not anymore….pending….nope…it’s like dealing with my own kids…
Dad to 10 yr old girl watching TV.) Honey you want some ice-cream…?
10 yr old girl watching TV) no…wait…ice-cream…? Yeah…? Um no…not right now…what flavor…ok…but wait….

I also think the paypal 4% rule needs to be enforced.

I agree but only if it’s not sent as a gift. You have to add that into your price as well.

ok - I’m slow. What’s the paypal 4% bit?

yeah, I’m with you. I have no idea either… I normally just pay it and say it’s included in the price like I do with my shipping.

Anytime you get money on paypal as “payment for goods” Paypal gets a percentage. That is how they make their money. If you send it as a gift they leave it alone.

OK, then send it as a gift. I always do.

Build it in if you feel that strongly about it.

I’m not sure what you mean there. Sellers aren’t supposed to charge the extra 4% on top of the sale price. It should be included into the price from the beginning. I’ve been in deals where we agreed on price and then they throw the 4% at me, which they aren’t allowed to do.

Ahhh, now I see. Yes, I fully agree. The advertised price should stand as it is. If that is what they’re going to do they should say it’s extra up front, just like people do w/shipping.

Oh I gotcha.
Yeah that’s not cool. I’ll make a rule amendment.

That’s a potentially dangerous option since you lose all buyer protection by sending it as a gift. As a seller, I consider the PayPal fees as a cost of doing business.

I think the paypal 4% fee is worth paying if you’re dealing with members with low feedback. If its a well known person you’re paying, who has lots of feedback, then its safe to use the gift option.

thank you…add shipping and paypals into your cost if you feel that strongly about it…or take the hit as Nathan said…it’s that simple…no one need ever see that stupid add 4% again…

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