Candy Wires, do They "Fit" my Style of Play?


Well I’m running out of string again. I have enough to last me till my next yoyo meet, but I won’t have any by the time BAC rolls around. I thought, eh, I’ll practice and pick up some more Kitty at BAC. So one day I got bored and went through YYE’s blog, and I saw “Candy Wires” so I thought “hm, I gotta try some” later I forgot about it until I saw it again in a thread, but this time I wondered if they would be any good for competing. So I need some expert opinions on it, especially on my style of play. Here we go:

How fast does it move while slacking, and does it hold tension well? (I might be using swivels but I dunno) (Inclues whips, lacerations and snaps)

Is it good for fast play? Or does it burn?

Questions in General:

I have sensitive skin, my skin burns easily, thus I need to use soft string, such as AMMO, or Kitty (Fat and Normal) is it on the soft or rough side?

I need something that stands out, something that resembles neon on steroids, how would you rate the color on a scale of 1-10; 1 meaning it doesn’t stand out, lacks brightness/not vibrant and 10 meaning it resembles neon Kitty.

Thanks in Advance





Hold on, let me go put a Candy Wire on a yoyo… I’ll let you know in 2 hours when I’m done my sesh. :wink:


alrighty… so here’s my take on CandyWires “Fat” format, after about an hour and a half of play:

It has flowy open slacks for the most part. Revolutions-type stuff is beautiful. Not quite as open as “stiff” types of string, but nice nonetheless. I don’t know what “snaps” are, so I couldn’t say. The string is not very whippy. I’m no Brent Stole wiz, but with a heavier string, I can usually get them 4 out of 5 times. With this string I only got 2, and my shoulder started getting sore from the extra effort it took to generate the right kind of loop.

Didn’t try suicides yet… should see if the loop opens nicely or not. But I don’t know.

Regarding tension, it holds tension extremely well… that’s probably this format’s strong point.

I’m not a fast player, but this is a soft-ish string that doesn’t have a lot of “bite” to it. Binds are a touch slippier as a consequence, but they are noticeably less burn-ey than Kitty strings. Some strings make me hesitant to do a sky bind with authoritah, but this one didn’t make me wince.

Soft. Definitely softer than Kitty and probably softer than AMMO, too.

Beats me. The one I have is pink. It’s a somewhat muted pink (the “light” pink) but I wasn’t expecting neon city. I got what I expected.


By snaps I meant the slack when you snap your fingers, and it slack whips over


You’re welcome, Snitch. :wink:


They come in neon yellow as well :slight_smile:

I recently picked up E-type neon yellow an love them!

I prefer them to kitty strings (which I have as well)

I’d say whips aren’t as fast as something like dragon strings


Thanks ::slight_smile: