CANDY WIRES String Review :3

Got some S-type Candy Wires back in 2012 (Philippines), instantly liked how bright they were!

Tension was not too tight, not too loose. I don’t really mind string tension since I play 5a.
Binds were tight, you can bind 'em even if the yoyo got spinning reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal slow, gets that baby back in your hand, but what really got me hooked was how SMOOTH these strings play.
Crazy awesome smooth. Never had any problems with string burn.

Wanted to write a review before, but they weren’t available here then XDD.
But now that they are… Well, I just wanted to share the love :3

Thank you for reading!


I want

Nice, might get some myself when ican :slight_smile:


I am recommending to everyone. Philippine Made, Proud to be Pinoy!! :slight_smile:

I may pick this string, if I like them in think I may switch from kitty to candy wire

I finally tried kitty string, and thought it was great, then Candy wires came out, so now I have to try those too!

I got some fat type. It’s not so thick, or fat. Ammo string is thicker than this. Haven’t thrown it yet though.