Candy Tutorials: Slack Sticks


New video… sorry no sorry


whats with the sorry yoyos logo?

(Amplified) #3

Maybe that’s his sponsor?


After some of the recent shit that has happened with CLYW and me im deciding to move on… im still gonna play with their yoyos and stuff like that im just not pursuing the company anymore all the players re very good friends but its not the area for me.


Actually i thought it would be nice to show my appreciation for the company and plus the logo fit so well with the song :slight_smile:




Sorry to be nosy, but what happened with CLYW?


Well as you can see im trying to move on to bigger and better things and this is because CLYW has decided to block me from all the social media and any means of contact i do not know why because all i ever do in means of contact is show a good word and give them respect but if i am going to have 2 and a half years of hard work thrown in my face without a proper explaination of what happened then i refuse to respect the company… although i will still play the yoyos i will however not be a consumer for a company that is not even awnsering a simple question.


Man, that kinda sucks. I’d rather have a direct “no” instead of just being blocked and ignored.


Exactly!! and i did nothing to harm them or harass them i was just showing off the yoyos and the logo i never said i was with the company, but if they choose to handle it that way then so be it im still frineds with the players :slight_smile: