Canadian Forum Members?

So I was wondering how many other Canadian members are on the forums, I know of a few but not that many and also where in Canada you may live it would be cool to see if anyone else on the forum is from Winnipeg, Manitoba but probably most likely the bigger placed like Toronto.

Edmonton Alberta


Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, Ontario

(born in Portage la Prairie!)

Whistler, BC

I’m new to the forums. I’m from Edmonton, AB.

Welcome to the forums! I figured alot of people would be from Alberta and Ontario.

I was born in Ottawa if that counts.

Cool, when did you move to the States?

Probably not a fan of maple syrup, bangers, and pea meal bacon :D.


That’s a British thing, not a Canadian thing. It means sausages. Which is what Canadians call them. :wink:

The breakfast kind?

I heard Canadians have maple syrup running through their blood. Is this true?

Maple syrup comes from maple trees
Maple trees have maple leaves
Canada’s Flag has a Maple leaf on it
The maple leaf on the flag is red
Blood is red

Blood=Maple syrup?

2007, maybe. I don’t remember much about Canada. There was one thing though. School lunches were delivered to your classroom, and they tasted good. And were actually made with ingredients. Can’t say same about US.

Subway day?

True. I also ride a polar bear to school. It also rains Caribou Lodge yoyos.

Me too! What’s your polar bear names?