Canadian stereotypes

i am canadian and i hear all kinds of stereotypes about us, i just want to know what the rest of the world thinks of us.
(dosent need to be a yoyo stereotype :P)

A thread on Canadian stereotypes. How aboot that, eh? :wink:

P.S.-Canadian doesn’t have the first ‘i’ that you put in.

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o typo, i am ashamed. i fixed it
PS how did i know that would be the first one

but for some people like me, it is true :slight_smile:

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Hey hoser, goddanuder molson, Ehhh :wink:

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Our military rides on horses in red jackets

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They like deep fried Coffee

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Canadians are usually seen chopping down trees, watching hockey and eating poutine.

Not sure I like this thread so let’s keep it civil and the insults to a minimum.

Oh, CanaDUH :wink:

too cold there to do anything but drink and watch hockey. :stuck_out_tongue:
oh, and you can’t forget the maple syrup and pancakes.

Tim Hortons

You don`t know what your missing out on.

oh I love me some Canadian Bacon and Maple Syrup

He’s right, they’re bagels and hot chocolate are the greatest food combination ever created

I find Canadian stereotypes silly. Except I see some of them are kind of true…

Haha… forum police… don’t worry, we don’t get insulted very easily about our customs VIVA LA POUTINE!

Anyway, one stereotype I’ve been told we have is that we are too polite and too forgiving. I work with a large number of immigrants, and that’s what all of them say… oh, and that we honestly say “eh” too much… which most of us do ;D

If anyone wants to see Canadian stereotypes in action, watch “Canadian Bacon” its a hilarious movie

I play hockey…

I knew a Canadian gamer we talked on Vent and he ate something called Flubber nuggets I will never forget that…

I’ve been to TH a couple of times. LOVE.

That’s what stereotypes are; silly, but with a very small amount of truth to them.