so after a long break from the fourms, what did i missed?

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Depends. How long you been gone?

Not much tbh. Been a pretty quiet couple of months. Draupnir is still one of the best yoyos ever, CLYW’s gonna start selling their new models direct from their website with free shipping, Gentry won Nats, YYE has free shipping for the time being.

The new best budget yoyo (under 50) is a fight between the shutter and rally.

The new ghost edition DMII is out

Not really. I mean, the Rally and Yeti are fighting for best plastic.

Shutter is the best budget METAL at the moment.

Considering what’s available, there are “Shutter or Rally” recommendations left, right and centre. Once Yeti becomes easily available, that will change. But for now I think the original assessment was pretty fair!

Speaking of which, there’s also the Werrd Minute, which should also be in that list, but is often missing!

Which also leads me to another new thing: Werrd has cranked out a handful of amazing yoyos in short order. Time for Werrld domination, yo! :wink:

The manufacteror news section got reorganized

$1 metal yoyos at your local Dollar Tree.



Really Really?

are they any good?


Some people bought some new yoyos, some have been busy on the bst. Some, have even learnt some new tricks. Pretty much the same thing that’s been going on for the last 10 years… How long have you been gone?

When/where did any of these things happen?

info from nats and team members

The newly reorganized and improved “Manufacturer News” section of the forum! It is awesome. Check it out right now!

Oh oh i have one- SPYY is no longer alive.

New supernova.

Yeti and rally are the two best plastics to date.

People will pay $120 for a yeti or trade for Peaks.

Rallys are boss.

New clyw colorways

Shutter is new best budget metal and won a 2013 award for best (budget?) yoyo?

A whole bunch of drama.


well spyy didnt crash and burn like some yoyo companys did. i guess the owner just got too busy and had to shut it down for a while. its really too bad. i had a spyy ronin for a while and i loved it. one of the funnest yoyos ive played with although it took a bit to learn her way.