Can you sign a yeti?

i posted a thread a while back about signing a metal throw with sharpie. i recently thought of getting a yeti. could i sign a yeti with a sharpie and expect it to stay there through play?

by the way, sorry for the poor grammar. i am on my grandmothers computer and its a miracle that im foing this.

You can get that silver- metallic sharpie and sign it and it would probably stay on and show up

Whatever you do, it will wear off. Unless you seal it somehow, it will wear off. At some point, even the sealant will wear off and take much of the ink away with it.

Now, if you were to ETCH the yoyo, then push some sort of paint into the etchings, that should last. You could sign, etch the signature, then push the paint, remove the excess and you’ve got your solution.

I find no inherent value in autographed yoyos. Unless I intend to put it in one of those brand new YYE display cubes and just make offerings and worship it, I see yoyos as for playing, not DISplaying.



Too true, too true.

I got a YYJ Theory signed by Andre Boulay and it wore off in a day or two. I realized that I did not care.