Does anyone know what pen yoyoers use to sign the yoyos?

I’m just wondering :o

Seems to me that Sharpies work the best.

Fine tipped Sharpie is my preference

I need to start signing yoyo’s. ::slight_smile:

RBD voice




username or my name?
beast or Genesis?

hmmmm. lets see.

how bout, on the beast. username.

Most yoyoers sign using quill pens.
Feather quill and ink.

Its what we do.

Note about the metalic silver shapries:

Store those bad boys TIP DOWN. They don’t take a lot of abuse, so be nice to them. Even so, they don’t last long.

For celebs, we mostly(not me, I’m not a celeb, I work with them) use Sharpies. Various tips. The fine and ultra fine dual-tips are the BOSS. The click ones are getting popular. The minis suck. Tech and crew use MINIS, the names use “full size”. I have a set of 4 MINIs on my lanyard at all times and 2 full sized dual-tips in my pocket for autographs that pop up in case my talent is nearby and needs something.

Silver Sharpie marks metal and doesn’t wear off, so that would be an ideal solution.

i like to sign with blood…

whenever someone asks me to sign a yoyo, I just take a rock and grind my name in the yoyo

good thing I have never signed a yoyo


Don’t sign in blood. You could get an infection off their yoyo. You don’t know where it’s been!

Thanks Everyone. Your answers are truly helpful.

I have a DV888. getting bored of its looks, Want to draw a skull on it. Where can i get a Sharpie Pen? :o

I’ve seen them at every office supply store I’ve ever been to. And at most grocery stores, too.

Malasia (wish I could spell) might be different


Though I did say every one I’ve been to… so…

Well, hopefully they’re fairly easy to find there.

Go somewhere and have it laser etched. It’s all done with computers, no mistakes(theoretically!)
But if you’re going to get Sharpies, keep this in mind:

Store the silver ones tip DOWN. The rest, it won’t matter how you store them as long as you keep them capped and out of super high heat and cold.

Roger that