An idea for graduation.

Ok so I graduate next May but I gots me an idea. I want my 10 closest friends to sign a yoyo. Maybe 20 so I might have to buy two. I want a yoyo that is anodized clear or silver or pink that plays well and is pretty flat and easy to sign. It needs to be full metal and just play well if I’m paying $100+ for each of the yoyos. I just need some ideas on which yoyos to use. I want it to last a long time so would a sharpie do? Any ideas on the yoyos to use?cthey don’t have to be the same two yoyos but I might actually like to compete with these for good luck. Thanks for all the help.
Thanks so much,
Thomas :slight_smile:

I think a good yoyo for this would be the Grey or Silver Format:C by One Drop. It’s the right colors for this. It is an amazing yoyo that is great for competition. It is rather flat so if you unscrew it you will be able to sign easily. .

Another good thing would be a Drop Bear by Ten Yoyo. I can tell you where you can get a never never one (silver w/ red speckle, the speckle is rather light) but it will probably have to be done through pm.

Hope this helps

I would use a nickel plated clyw summit if I were you.

I was thinking about putting this in my post but I think the lack of blast would make it easy to rub off.

Sharpie will wear off fairly quickly if you are going to play these. I know this because I drew hearts around some dings on my Avant Garde once. Within a few hours of play, the hearts were all but gone.

If you’re not going to play them… Sharpie should be fine!

I wonder if you could find a shop that has experience with yoyo etchings… you could get your friends to sign white paper, scan and convert to vector (the shop might already have experience doing this), and have them etched onto the yoyo. Would be hecka expensive for one-offs like this, but they’d sure be unique!

Canvas. Or any YYR with flat hubs.

A C3 Capless has huge, flat hubs.

avalanch might work

but if you want to compeat with them the avalanches gold or copper pot would be good :slight_smile:

here is another good choice the SUMIT!!!

Gonna wipe right off within minutes. Could have it cleared by someone although I don’t know what type of clear you would want. Eg. Powder, paint, lacquer. Don’t really know which finish wouldn’t cause the sharpie to “run”.

Bob could prolly do a test without much trouble if you wanted to ask him.

Canvas with a light, plain color is your best bet.

try the code 2 by one drop in a solid color