How hard is it to get autographed yoyos

I want some auto graphed yoyos by the pros especially from Andre’. And augie fash so does any one now how to get them and also what do you sign a yoyo with? Honestly paint?? Just curios

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Go to contests.

I got Andre to sign my Trinity at Chicago Triple Crown. I used silver sharpie (worked fine against the blue ano, black would have been hard to see). I think it’s a nice autograph.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of yoyos signed by people who aren’t associated with that yoyo (like a Ben Conde signed 888).

Well I don’t have much a way to get to tournaments is there another way?

You could possibly ask them to sign them if you shipped the yoyo to them and offered to pay for shipping back.

Hey that’s a great idea

Or if you want Andre’s autograph, I suspect leaving a little note when you order from YYE would work.


I just order a YYE Medium Contest bag and in the notes I asked if Andre could sign it :slight_smile: it’s suppose to come tomorrow ;D

Just PM Andre here before you order and ask for a Autograph :).

I need to do that

Thanks for all the help guys really appreciate it

I got my autographed bag today it’s awesome :slight_smile:

i got jd to sign my homeslice edition x-convict a while back. just use sharpie haha.

Andre is very kind. About a year ago, I bought a Trinity from YYE, and I asked Andre to sign it for me. I told him to pick any color Trinity he wants and surprise me with the color. He sent me this one…said it’s his favorite one ;D
trinity by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

He signed this one for me at a contest. I had a silver Sharpie with me:
dmIIblue by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I asked for a happy face-

Got a happy face.

I have a Mini Mikamoto edition One Star I had Yoshi and Anthony Rojas sign and draw stick figures on it. :slight_smile:

I’m the special instructions in the checkout, type: "Can I please have André Boulay’s auto graph on the "

I had this yo-yo signed by Eric Koloski at a contest. I saw Eric and I didn’t have a yo-yo appropriate for him to sign. I remember it was NER. I ran over to the A2Z booth and bought this OLD version of Eric’s yo-yo they had. I didn’t care about that, or the color, I was trying to get a yo-yo signed. So, when I walked up to Eric and asked for the autograph, he was very kind, and smiled but asked me, “Where did you get this yo-yo, these have not been around for years?” I explained and we both laughed. He is a very nice guy. I had a brown Sharpie on me that day:
newbreed by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Feel free to PM me anytime. :slight_smile: