Can you remove response pads from a yoyo and just put it back in

I want to know because I planning to remove the anodized coating from my yoyo and I dont have the money to buy new response pads at the moment so I was wondering if I could remove it and reinstall the same pad.

If you are very careful so as not to deform the pad, sure. I’ve done it before successfully.

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How do I remove it without damage

Tease them out very carefully with an X-Acto knife and/or tweezers. Once you have a tiny bit of a pad removed, just pull very gently and slowly to get the whole pad out. As long as you do it slowly and gently, it shouldn’t get stretched out or bent, and should go back in later.

Ok thanks so much I just finished it and it looks good

You can store them on a smooth clean surface, by just gently placing them there. Don’t push them down. Even better is the backing from a used sticker.

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Can we see the final art?? I’m curious now.

I’m sorry but i will show the yoyo once its finished I shipped the yoyo over to Germany to get the yoyo stripped from the anodized coating

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