Can you 'over-silicone'?

I’m a little worried. ???

I recently re-siliconed my Avalanche and it has become somewhat responsive. I can do Gravity Pull almost at will and tricks with slack elements have become dangerous for my hands. It’s almost like the yoyo sucks the string right into the gap. Jade whip, Ninja Vanish, Plastic Whip, and Spirit Bomb (which I am currently working on so may not be the best gauge) all cause punishment of my knuckles in most cases.

So I guess I’m wondering, could I have put too much silicone in there when I did this? Has anyone else done this before? Should I re-silicone it with less or just try to wear down what I put in there? I cleaned my bearing afterwards just to be on the safe side but this did not help.

Thanks in advance all!

If the silicone is flush in the response groove of the yoyo, and not overflowing into the wall, you should be fine. Some people use the edge of a card to give the silicone some concavity in the groove. Check to see if the silicone looks smooth; if it is rough or wavy, you should redo it and smooth it down more.

Check your bearing to see if it is spinning freely. flick it with your finger to see if it spins and note how smooth it is. If it feels like something is lodged inside, or it is generally sticky, deshield the bearing and clean it. If you didn’t deshield it the first time, you might have left some gunk inside.

If it’s flush to the surface of the yoyo, it’s fine. There isn’t any over-silconing unless you get silicone all over the yoyo.

Actually, it’s most likely the bearing. Clean the bearing, make sure it is dry in the bearing. Throw a times, it should work.

in my experience you can over silicone a yoyo. since it has a high viscosity (resistance to flow easily) if you put too much silicone in the groove then it can cause a raised silicone surface and thats what happened to me, if it is perfectly flush with the yoyo then it should be fine.

It sounds like he “Pamela Anderson’ed” it.

(too much silicone)

Thanks all…

Your comments are noted. I will clean the bearing and re-sili it tonight. Hopefully all goes well


(Check the bearing seat for excess silicone. It can give you a super responsive yoyo.)

Also, there are plenty of decent(read: really good) videos on YouTube that cover this topic. I downloaded the one that I felt was the best.

Using flowable silicone, the “instructor” then used 3X5 cards to remove excess. It was very well done and very well shown in the video. It doesn’t take that much time at all to do it, maybe 3 minutes tops, for both halves combined.

that was quite possibly the best joke about silicone related anything i have ever seen, you sir win +10 internets