Can you lose points for copying someone else's move/trick in a competition?


Can you?






wow, really short post.

Can you?

Anyway, if you do, people can boo you. Thats not nice.

(Jei Cheetah) #5

Its true, The judges wont deduct points for tricks that are someone else’s.

However, in judging, they do give higher points for trick originality.

So in some ways you can sort of say you “lose points” but not exactly.

I encourage anyone to try there own tricks though, Cause not only might you get a better score, but also more respect from the audience and other yoyoers, as well as the judges.



I didn’t want to copy more than one trick,I thought the first bind Jensen Kimmit did was a cool way to start.
Just 0:04-0:06.


Try to make it look like something that defines you. Maybe if you base it off Jensen’s bind, then make a bind similar then they might not see a difference.