Contest Level Tricks


Hey guys I need some tutorials or whatever you can throw at me for some competition s! Thanks!


Competition level tricks are tricks that you come up with on your own and don’t have tutorials :smiley:

(rizkiyoist) #3


Maybe try copying someone else’s trick, but do it wrong on purpose, suddenly you have a new trick.


Yeah, make your own tricks. But to help with competitions you should learn those moves you see a ton of people do. It helps.


its important to understand how the hardest tricks work…like the master section. Learn how the mounts and maneuvers flow… then make up your own :smiley:


Learn a bunch of combo elements and put them together to make your own combos. That’s how I made up my first combo

(velez_adrian) #7

Make your own tricks, if you copy peoples tricks, you don’t get originality points and then you place lower then someone that makes there own tricks. Just don’t do it. I also makes me made watching people copying other peoples tricks at contests.


I just wanted to point this out (please don’t make this into another one of those off-topic threads), if you copy an original player, you will most likely get the same amount of points he would have gotten.


If you guys really think that judges have an encyclopedic knowledge of every trick every player has ever made, you have another think coming…

I think to be at the top tier, you should probably be using your own tricks. I think people do this partially as a matter of pride. Especially instantly-recognizable moves that wouldn’t have come from other players.

But there’s a gray line between a “trick” and a “combo”, both of which are composed of “elements”. And you can certainly use mounts and elements that are common throughout the competitive scene. I couldn’t even count the number of times I’ve seen the “instant mach whip” move in competition by various players, often moving directly to a red clover pop type move.

If you haven’t lifted a 15 to 30-second combo directly from another player, you’re probably doing OK.

(rizkiyoist) #10

From technical or “the amount of clicks” point of view, yes, but with decent judges the rarity point should be lower… unless you copy from some lesser known player.