A question about contests...

Hey i had this question a long time ago…if you join a contest in the begginer/rookie section and person A uses hard tricks that are created and common already(like yuuki slack and ladder escape) and person B uses their own cool tricks like maybe gerards tricks for example…who will win???

Depends on the exact tricks.

It also depends on whos smoother and flows.

Judges don’t like “copied” tricks like Yuuki Slack and Gyro Swing, they’d like to see some cool (Maybe not as hard as Yuuki Slack) whips and tech.

That really depends on how well developed the tricks are.

Like if you see Mickey’s score, in contests, his score is rarely below 90, if ever. Thats because his tricks are so well developed, that he can use them in every contest he goes to, and gets 90 over points. Thats why he keeps repeating and keeps getting 1-2nd place.

So it really depends on how well made the tricks are.

Yep, Evan had a post a few seconds before me.

so how about if pretend i use one of gerards trick and my friend does y slack etc. Who will get more points if both the tricks are smooth???

Definetly Grawrd’s. His tricks are made by himself and longer, put together better.

Yuuki slack really doesn’t get you many points. It depends on which trick has more string hits, elements etc. But originality counts in judging, so if the judges have seen such a thing before, they wont add originality points.

ok thanks for the tip