Why Don't Competitors Win Like This?

Now I am not sure if there even are “tricks lists” any more, and don’t know much (yet) about competition things in general, so I’m not sure if you can do this or not. Are competitors given trick lists, and then put those tricks in a combo? Is there a rule that says you can’t just do that trick by itself? Because if so, why don’t competitors win by just doing that exact trick instead of making their own combo? Wouldn’t that guarantee a perfect score, assuming they don’t mess up?

They can use their own tricks.

I’d recommend reviewing the current freestyle rules:

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  1. you can use your own tricks
  2. scores are based on total string hits, rare elements, and several other things
  3. freestyles last to long to only do one trick

If it was based on solely string hits I’m fairly sure everyone would walk up and do boingy boing as fast as possible.

I wouldn’t. Couldn’t boing to save my life! I’d have to barrel roll myself to victory.


Mickey would still win doing Shoot the Moon.

not everyone has the same style, so some people will be good at one type of trick, while others will be good at another. Everyone is going to be the best at his own tricks, so those are the ones he should do. A perfect routine does not depend completely on the tricks you do, but also on how flawlessly you do them. You could try to copy someone else’s routine, but you probably won’t do it as well as them. Also, originality counts for points as well.

because originality and creativity are major areas of the scoring system

Ohhh I see now. OK thanks guys, this was a big help for me now and will be for me even more in the future.