can you have to many yoyos

ok my cuz said that i have to many yoyos and all i have is 4.the reason he is mad cause i got birthday money to buy two new yoyos and looking to buy 2 more.see he sk8s and has a board but dont like it and wants a new every time his lil.bro has a birthday he does and when my lil.sister has a birthday he has another one and then when his comes he has another.tell me is it right to have a birthday party when its not ur birthday?plzz replay and tell me you thoughts.

icnt undersntd wat yourse sayin wen ur typin leikthis.

4 is not alot of yoyos. 100, yeah, that’s too much.


sorry i typed it fast

In answer to your question - No.

And whatsdis???

Well, obviously you can’t, from an objective point of view, have too many yoyos unless you’re buying yoyos instead of eating or something. Probably not a big issue for most.

But from my own experience, I think you can have too many yoyos in a practical sense. I go through periods where my collection grows so large that I can’t realistically play all the yoyos I want to play. Certainly not enough to justify what I spent on them. Every once in a while I feel like I’m playing just so I can play a certain yoyo that I haven’t gotten around to lately…and that’s out of whack.

Now my goal is to keep it inside my 11 yoyo case (I have not reached this goal), but even that would be way more than I need. 4 or 5 is the number that would be logical for me. If I could go back I would have bought fewer throws from the start.

he skateboards (sk8s)

Then why don’t you just say that in the first place, son??

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I have 12 very good throws in my case. I have more but theyre all YYJ’s and cheap YYF’s, stuff like that. Anyways. I feel like I need more yoyos, because when I’m playing, and I get the stupid knot around the bearing I want to keep playing. I just want something new. I’ve always stuck with that safe and rounded shape. And being out of it for so long, I haven’t tried alot of the newest popular throws like the Chief, AC, and Code 2. It’s sad… I just want to try something new.

ask lucky that question.
No, you can’t have too many yoyos. I currently have about 60, but I’m selling a lot of the ones I don’t use regularly. 4 is definitely not too many.

I have absolutely no idea what your post is saying. Therefore, I will answer the title with no.

It depends on who you talk to. There are others who have hundreds in their collection and they still want more. And there’s me, who basically only have so few yoyos but I think that’s a lot. But for the sake of the question, I don’t think so :]

If you have the money? No.

If you can’t pay rent or bills but keep buying yoyos? Yes.

I got a big collection and it’s growing still. I like to mix it up, keep things “fresh” and prevent myself from getting bored. If I get “comfortable”, I simply take it out of the rotation and swap it with something else. Different shapes and weights and sizes perform differently. For example, the Half & Half, MMN and dv888 all have roughly the same shape and size, but they play completely different. I have two Peaks and they play completely different. Thanks to Side effects, one yoyo can play differently through cost effective swaps, but even so, I have 2 Code 2’s, each set up differently.

Also keep in mind that your personal interests and pursuits may require you to get multiple yoyos. 2A requires 2 yoyos, and 3A also requires a different 2 yoyos. You might want to have a few yoyos set up for 1A. You might want a 4A yoyo. For 5A, you might want a plastic and a metal set up for that style as well. I like expensive stuff and low-cost stuff and stuff in between

As long as you can take care of the important things and you can AFFORD to, then it’s OK. But, also keep in mind you might need a place to store the stuff. If you go to meets, you might want cases to lug stuff around. What might be hard to explain to those you’re requesting the gifts from is “why do you need more yoyos”, but they don’t understand. In some cases, it’s time to upgrade to something that may have better features. In some cases it’s just to change things up. Sometimes it’s just giving into a want for a particular model.

Regarding little kids and “birthday jealousy”: Yeah, it can be a problem. What needs to happen is parents have to explain it and be firm. It’s not easy sometimes. Mine have this concept down as I “put my foot down” on this issue. I can’t tell people how to handle this. That first time around there was a lot of screaming and crying, but then it was fine the next time around. I find once the cake gets broken out, the “gifting” issue gets forgotten quickly in my household.

Right now my current problem is I’ve stocked my son up on yoyos and his birthday is next month. I gotta figure out what to get him. And then Nationals is October… and I know for a fact he’s gonna get a yoyo there too, probably something pretty sweet if there’s some good sales and B-stocks.


Fixed. I think that’s sick.

 Well my opinion is no. You can't have to many YoYos. For me, every YoYo has it's own feel to it. So it's like movies and DVD's.each movie is a new experience and we don't stop buying those. Granted YoYos are sometimes a lot more them a DVD but there's not as many YoYos to buy then DVDs.  :D 

 It's also a collection thing for me as well. Sure I buy a YoYo and use it for a while. Then it goes into my collection and on to the next YoYo for a new experience.

So having to many YoYos is a no for me. It would be like only having 1 movie to watch...... Ever. ???

I think my parents are going to decide I have to many yoyos when I try to by an H5xChief :stuck_out_tongue:

if i could thank you 10000 times, i would. lol

I have like 40plus throws, and i still don’t have to much. as long as you have a place to put them, you don’t have to much.

btw, i type really fast, and take the time to make sure people can read what im saying, if you want people to answer, they have to know what the question is :wink:


I have 29. I dont think so.