Can you bring lube onto a plane? Same thing with pliers.

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I’m going on a plane to AP 2016 in Singapore this year. Also like to know if you can bring a YYF multitool onto a plane as well.


Lube should be fine, as long as its under the required 3oz for liquids or whatever the limit is now. Multitool is fine also, but not sure about pliers - maybe put them in your checked bag. Why would you ever need pliers anyway?


Yyf multi tool should be ok in carry on, I’ve taken mine a few times.


Pliers (from my experience) are better at removing bearings than the YYF multitool, and some pliers have wire cutters which can also cut strings


But what Garrett is saying is why do you need them on the plane. Put them in your checked luggage.


Pliers; the very Best way to ruin a bearing.

You are trying to move the inner race I.D. off the bearing post. The inner race is rigid. You are grabbing the outer race with the pliers.

The outer race is rigid.

The problem is that the bearing ball cage is contained between the inner and outer races.

When you are wiggling the pliers back and forth; you are putting too much twisting force to the only part of the bearing that isn’t rigid; the cage.

Only exception is if you are trashing the bearing anyways because you are putting in a new bearing. Because then if you use pliers to kill the bearing; who cares.

But if you like a bearing; a pair of pliers should not even be in your yoyo bag; except to extract a dead Bearing.

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forget the pliars leave them in the garage.
Get a Shinwoo keychain tool for a few bucks or a YYR Bearing Extractor if you want to baby them or have nice exotic bearings.


A drill bit works great too…


I second the Shinwoo tool. One of my best yoyo purchases. Takes out any C bearing with ease.


Don’t even tell anybody. Just hide a few tubes of lube in a Sawed off Shotgun.

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Problem is, my multitool always grips the bearing too tight. So I end up having loads of trouble removing a bearing


Buy a Shinwoo tool. Under $5 I believe, in stock here, and the last bearing remover you’ll ever need. (Until you lose it, damn those things are small).


I hate when the bearing gets stuck with the axel on the same half. The Shinwoo never helps in that case in my experience. (YYF Horizon always does this)
I have seen several pro players use needle nose pliers to remove bearings, if the others don’t believe me, check YouTube… If you do decide to use pliers, never use the area with ridges. The needle nose, with the wire/string cutter has an area near the center perfect for removing a size c bearing.
So, if you need it, bring it with a checked bag, or call the airliner first.

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I am gonna have to call shenanigans on that one. Ill make a video if need be to show axle side make no difference to shinwoo tool. Unless there are REALLY long axles i dont know about (possible) in which case ill keep my big e-mouth shut. :slight_smile:


What yoyodoc said - The only time I use pliers to remove a bearing is when I plan on throwing that bearing in the trash.

Now it makes more sense that we get so many “Why is my bearing responsive?” threads. Don’t use pliers.