Can you adjust responsiveness exclusive of gap?

Sorry, probably a bad title but I hope I can explain what I mean here.

By using methods such as double wrapping the string around the bearing and/or using thicker lube can you make a yoyo more responsive with a larger gap? Specifically I am asking about my Velocity. I’m to the point now where I’m starting to learn string tricks, but I haven’t gotten to binds yet. If I adjust the shuttles so that the yoyo is just barely responsive enough to return without a bind, I get snags and loss of spin when resting on a string. If I adjust the shuttles wider so that I can rest on a string without it rubbing, it’s no longer responsive enough the get a return without a bind.

Could I open the shuttles to help my string trick play and double loop the string or use thicker lube to retain some responsiveness?

Never tried it but yes, if you double loop and put think lube on it should be responsive. Thick lube made my speedmaker into a looper :P. And thats just a single loop.

I recommend putting the starbursts flush to the walls. Just adjust it bit by bit until you get just enough response. Start flush, and slowly dial towards responsiveness. Once its responsive, use that. Mine is tug responsive when it is just sticking out just a bit, and can still do expert-master tricks.If this is not possible, just put some thick lube in it, it will still be responsive.