Can we please have a firm grasp of what's MINT and what's NOT

It really ticks me when a trader sends a yoyo assuming I wont notice the small damages and claims it to be mint. I wont disclose the trader’s name but let this be a warning to everyone who trades with me or uses the B/S/T section for that matter.

  • You are wasting our time. Some people value their time very much. Some of us don’t have the luxury to be in the postal office everyday kiddies.
  • DO NOT blame the postal office. This kid says, and I quote, " I have had some bad experiences where USPS will open them and examine them for some reason and not tell me". In which country is this ever done?
  • Have some decency, apologize. I hate when they persistently argue with you claiming that they were “innocent”, " did not see those damage before", " blah blah blah".
  • Please don’t offer to compensate for it. Its shameful and unnecessary. It was bought with a desired condition in mind, in this case, MINT. That can’t be changed. Just pay for the shipping and have it returned to you.

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The PO will open and inspect contents in every country, actually. Although it is extremely rare unless shipping over some sort of border, even then it is rare. They will leave some sort of sticker or indictaion it was checked though.

Mint=100% no dings perfect condition.

No exceptions.

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This. If you’re unsure that it’s 100% mint, just call it extremely near mint.

Also, if you’re worried about the damage being shipped during shipping, package the yoyo better. Completely dissemble it and wrap each half individually.

These are true words. When your package arrives, you will usually know that it has been inspected. If you’re lucky, it will be re-taped. I had a package arrive that had clearly been inspected and they didn’t even seal it closed properly again! A miracle the yoyo arrived… :wink:

Yeah mine was inspected. Re taped. Bad job too. Throw was fine though.

Here is a previous thread discussion about that.  Hope this helps: