Can this be used to make strings?

Can this be used to make string? I wanted to try just for fun.

Yes it can. String can be made out of any thread. The type of thread, the quality, and thickness all tend to add unique characteristics to the string as well as how tightly it’s twisted.

Is this what some people use to make string?

And would this be enough to make atleast 1 string?

More, maybe 10+ depending on the Ft. per spool.

Not really, people that make string and sell it get special brands…

But If its 100% poly it should work fine, that stuff isn’t worth selling… But that’s not your goal.

Try going to a Walmart (if you have one) or a crafting store and just buy 1 small spool. And feel the types and buy the one that feels soft/slick to your preferences. Small ones make about 3 strings for approx. less than a dollar…

Cool! What thread should i consider getting? There are so many different kinds.

So how many strings will that make? And how much is shipping on that site for just that?

Do you know how to make strings first of all?

No. Not at all. I watched a tutorial on youtube and it peaked my interest.

I make my strings with two 7 ft hooks, Type 7. 7x7x2=98 ft. I think. That thread is, uh… *125 yards so… 375 feet. 3.75 strings. So, since type seven is thick and you would probably make type six, about 4 strings. Wow. I must have did something wrong, because that seems really low. *They have 3000 yard poly spools for $3.00. 1 for 3000 feet. .10 for 300 feet. $.03 a string. That seems more accurate.

One more edit:
How much is my shipping charge?
Free if your order total is $100 or above. For orders under $100, your shipping charge is $4.89 regardless of the weight!

Crococorey. I make string, contact me for info as usual :wink:

Well, your not the only string maker. Maybe I want advice and info from everyone.

Hahahaha! Yes I know.

I meant if you need help “making” it :wink:


About how many strings can the 125 yard spool make? For the cheap price i think i moght buy a few.