Can suggest 3 yoyo to buy

Hi all I want to buy some yoyo so I have

shutter wide angle
Baby Designed by Czech

That’s all I have do you recommend 3 yoyo to me please and also I’m thinking to get exia, recog and hybrid fluvia. So are they good options or do you recommend something different and thanks

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Seems like you have some really high performing yoyos already. I recommend a looper, the responsive old school goat yoyo, and a wooden fixed axle because more styles = more fun.

Turning Point 2 - Pocket and wide, nice stability and power
Atmos Snowberry - Machined POM, premium quality, fun size and beauty
Duncan Freehand AL - “slim”, nice gap, nice colors/editions, great power and comfy catch zone.

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Every now and then a yo-yo comes out I really want, but I can’t justify buying it. So maybe just put your yo-yo money aside until you find something that really grabs you, instead of getting throw because someone else likes it, because for sure, as your play evolves, your yo-yo likes will change.


Get the Yoyofriends Koi. You will not regret it. It was competing with my favorite yoyos of all time, literally the day I got it. It has float and flow to it, but also a really pleasant weight. It is surprisingly stable, fast, and long spinning for an organic. It has one of my favorite feeling finishes on any yoyo, and some absolutely phenomenal colorways.

You will not regret the Koi. Buy one. Buy three. Buy every colorway. I am a shameless Yoyofriends shill and I have no regrets.

A couple other cool yoyos if you don’t decide to buy 3 Kois are the Kuntosh 5000QV (if you can find one, it’s my favorite yoyo ever) and the GWAY Regulator (a really fun, unique monometal with a cool profile and great colorways. Super comfy in hand and on string)


Recog is real good. I would grab a FH1 too like said above. I been having a blast the past day or two with my YYF Whip with a C bearing in it. I been looking at all the hybrids, think I’m leaning on getting a Monarch soon.

You have several modern competition yoyos, and the ones you suggested also fit in that category. Out of your options, the hybrid fulvia would be my pick as it adds more variation to your collection. The recog for me is the best of the best when it comes to monometal modern competition yoyos. That being said, your bimetals will give you everything that the recog does. If you want to expand a bit, I would recommend yoyos that aren’t solely designed for performance. For that I would go with either an organic or a nostalgic competition yoyo with mid-weight.

My three recommendations to achieve this would be the One drop Top deck, The generalyo Prestige, and the throwspiral kappa. I have played all three of these yoyos and they all provide good performance but add something extra in weight distribution that deviates from the typical feeling of a competition yoyo.

The top deck is an older design but it is regarded as one of the best designed yoyos of all time. It gives you an organic feeling without being full-organic. The prestige is also an older design and came out during the midweight trend. It has good performance and has a very pleasing feel on the string. The kappa is a more modern design that is organic with a competition mindset. It has great performance but gives you nuance in play due to its more even weight distribution.