Can someone help me Identify and configure my yoyo?

My cousin gave me a yoyo from the Sharper image a few years ago and I never bothered to use it until recently. I am totally new to yoyo-ing and the yoyo he gave me is really nice.

This is the packaging:

I lost the documentation to the yoyo, so I  have no idea on how to configure it or set the string correctly(I remember the guide saying something about string placement) currently the string is on the axel.

Does anyone know the makers of this yoyo and perhaps tell where I could look for documentation?
If not, is there some guide about string placement and general yoyo maintenance?

Thanks, Shrub

Interesting. I googled it and couldn’t find a lot of detail. For $6 I wouldn’t expect too much from it. The description says it should have a ball bearing but from what you are saying it sounds like it’s not there.

If you are interested in trading it, send me a PM.

There is a plastic sleeve on the axel, and the string goes onto the axel, I do not see any ball bearings. my guess is transaxel?

If you read the amazon review it says they lied, and it actually came with a plastic sleeve, so it sounds transaxle to me.

The string just loops around the yoyo. It’s not tied.

See this for the setup:
Yo-Yo String

How To Wind A Yo-Yo

Trade him a sovereign. I know you have some.

I’d be down for that ;D

Knock yourself out And to the OP, just buy a YYJ Classic, I assure you, the Classic is 100 times better than this yoyo.