Hi I'm new!

Hi there, I just got a yoyo! It’s an infinity blaze. I’m lead to believe this has a bearing system that can be turned off and on. However no instructions came with it so as well as not knowing how to do this i don’t know how to attach the string properly.
Any ideas or videos on YouTube I should look at?
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the wonderful world of yoyoing good sir! I’m seeing more and more new faces popping up on here from the UK, which is very good news indeed.  ;D

^ This should show you how to get the string on your yoyo. Once you’ve done that then you can move on over to here:

…and get started learning the basics. Any questions you have just ask away in the relevant section of these forums and people will be glad to help out. :slight_smile:

Google “infinity blaze yoyo” and you’ll get some info on it. It appears to be just a normal bearingized yoyo.