Can someone give me for the pros and cons for the 2.0 and the BOSS.


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both are undersized
2.0 has better colors
2.0 has an inner groove ring, not sure about Boss
Boss used to be 80, so it guess its better than 60
boss is made in china, 2.0 is made in the u.s.
2.0 is sorta rarish


The Boss is NOT made in China. I have no idea where you heard that. And the Boss also has a thumb grind ring.

Anyway, the only cons I can think of are 2.0s are only sold in retail stores and the both have very short axles. Other than that, go for whichever you think looks cooler.

(Troy(oyo) #4


No stacks
Augie Fash

Trade value generally low


someone said thats why the price was lowered.


Then they were wrong.


I would go for the 2.0 if you can get your hands on one.


Boss is rounded 2.0 is h shaped.
Niether are bead blasted.
Both are under sized
2.0 is harder to find.