Boss or P2

Which one should I get? Tell me ONLY if you have played both of them. Also I have an 888 and really like it but don’t want to be buying another one if I buy the Boss because I hear they are similar.

The BOSS is a whole new experience than the 888. IMO, the BOSS is the best yo-yo I’ve ever played. If you bought it, you would love it.

And, the BOSS is cheaper than the P2 btw.

Thanks, did you play P2 though. The grinds are like one of a kind!

has any one seen this if yes please post these threads there,15.0.html

Wow didnt know that existed… I’ll move the post

Decide based upon the shape you like more :wink:

IDK though, BOSS is supposably like the 888 and I have 888 and the P2 plays awesome but I have not played a BOSS. I respect your advice Samad, which would you buy?

The shape that I like better :stuck_out_tongue:

If I was you, I would go with a P2 based on your collection.

If I was me (and i AM!) I would go with a BOSS, based on my collection.

I love both and have both, but its all prefrence, the P2 has flat rims like a dv888, the boss is more like a 888 shape. Both play smooth.

PS…I think the P2 looks sexier, especially that 10 ball bearing…RAWR… ;D


the boss is just like an 888. i would most definitly go with the p2. they are smooth like butter .

Extremely untrue.

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I own a BOSS and P2 and have owned a 888. The BOSS is nowhere NEAR the same as a 888. The BOSS is stable, smooth and has raised flat rims with more of a angle. The grinds are terrific and it has no post so nothing to get in the way for thumb grinds. The P2 is also stable and smooth but has more of a vibe on a bad throw, not to much though. It has flat rims with like a 5 degree angle, grinds are 2nd to none (well, maybe the to the 5 star), the ridges make the grinds perfect and the inside has this “Cliff” to make thumb grinds great. It also has a nut in the middle that you can take out and turn to tune your P2 if it vibes too much. So just decide which shape you like more or how much you want to spend.

I decided I’m gonna get a Boss only because of money. I know it’s ten bucks but I also am buying a new LCD display screen for my iPod and iPod Touch and I’m buying a battery for my iPod and a Digitizer and Bezer (I think that right) for my iPod Touch. All about $100 plus $85 for a special edition boss (If I get one I should get the Special edition one). Now I’m changing the post, which special edition one should I get? Doesn’t have to be from this site I just want to know what colors to get.

What are your favorite colors?

If you get the BOSS, you can get some pretty sick colors here at YYE.

You can get like ten different varieties or colors on other websites. Im deciding between the teal/blue or the black/purple and I’m asking your opinion flatly. Tell me which one you would want, like you were buying it.

Although the P2 is an awesome yoyo, The boss is just a little bit better. This is my opinion only. I just like the shape of the boss better.

Teal and Blue.


(shape wise though, a bit similar)

get the p2 cause it has better colors