(G5 Warrior) #1

Okay i know it is all about preferance but i threw both of them at worlds and i can not decide which one i like more.

(SR) #2

I like the BOSS more than my dv888. It is amazing.


You have three choices:

  1. Get both. (unlikely)
  2. Get whichever you think looks cooler.
  3. Base it on the shape you will like more.


Well if you like both, I’d go for the BOSS cause, well, it’s boss!


I would like the BOSS but I am getting the DV888 because of the price :smiley:

(SR) #6

Really? I think the BOSS is worth what you pay for it. Just an extra 15 bucks… but it’s your choice. :-\


Dv888 better price and better yoyo

(SR) #8

That’s your preference though. I just happen like the BOSS better than the dv888.


IMHO (and not just because my name is on the side :wink: ), I love both yoyos, but like the Boss a lot better.
It’s more stable, has more rim weight, has a bigger land-able gap, and spins a good deal longer.

(SR) #10


Yay! Augie!


SR - We understand you like the BOSS more. Whenever someone says their opinion, you don’t have to disagree with them or agree with them. We get it.


Thank you Samad.

I like the BOSS and Dv888 about the same. But I think I enjoy playing the Dv888 a bit more.

(JM) #13

If you would have bought them at worlds, I would say DV888. They were 55 bucks.

I think there is one site that sells them that low, but I don’t know which and even if I did I wouldn’t put a link – sorry.

For full retail, I would say get the BOSS.

(Mikey) #14

I like the BOSS a bit more.