Boss or Nova

I going to get another metal but both of them look awesome and i heard both of them are smooth so which to choose?

have you tried the supernova or 888? the BOSS is based on the 888, just with beefier rims. the nova is based on the Supernova just more undersized. do you like full size or undersized better? light or heavy? IMO, the BOSS beats the crap outa the nova in play. I’ve owned both, but got rid of the nova, still have my BOSS, and glad i kept it. slow and smooth, that how the boss plays.

A Boss probably going to be more stable and spin longer. I would go for the Boss. Just my 2 cents.

Get a boss the only thing the nova has that is better than the boss is that the nova has better colorways.


Haven’t tried the BOSS but I LOVE my Nova!!! Plays very solid and sleeps long enough to power throw every trick I know. Go with which shape you would like more.


I have tried both and i definately like the nova better, more stable in my opinion.